I don’t know I do this, but I do. Even when I have absolutely NO intention of searching tall, whispy grass for videogames (HEY! HEY! THAT WAS A POKEMON REFERENCE!) I somehow stumble across them. Or they find me. For serious. I can dedicate an entire day to garage sales and come back with nothing minus some desperate purchase (read: the time I bought the used XBL headset) but Saturday, when I had little expectations to find anything — I only went to garage sales I happened to come across while driving — I came back with this:

Three bucks for all of 'em! There are quite a bit of holos and rares in there.
A buck each!

I’m proud to announce I’m no longer *trying* to purchase duplicate games, guides, etc. I’ve come to the conclusion that my woman cave is far too small to accommodate for duplicates. FOR EXAMPLE: There was a Halo 2 guide for .99 and I DIDN’T BUY IT because I already have, like, three. But I will continue to purchase as many copies of Dragon Age as I see fit.

Believe that.


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