UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I don’t quite understand what I just watched, but UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my nether region is currently tingling with a feeling of excitement and “HOLYSHITBALLS THAT WAS AWESOME!” Er, that is a feeling right?

DUDES, IT’S AN IRL MASTER SWORD! Like, it’s totally legit! WHY CAN’T I HAVE ONE!? /pouts


  1. You can commission the guy to make you one. Given, it will take quite the bankroll and a long wait on a list, but you CAN get one. Its not like its a lightsaber or anything.

    • Right?! I love that stuff. I don’t know what’s going on our how the hell he made it (even though he explained), but still. FASCINATING.

  2. Master Swords aren’t found, they’re made *plays dramatic music*

    Btw, That’s freaking awesome! If ever given the choice, I’d definitely take that as my Zombie Apocalypse weapon!

  3. Dude, I saw this guy make the Sword of Omens (Thundercats). His work is INSANE!

    At 5:44, the pot has rupees in it. xD

    Also, Trisha Hershberger. Yum.

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