2007 Legend of Zelda Movie Pitch

I…I mean, this is…this is beautiful. Sure, the Disney-esque look is a bit off-putting, but damn, I’d still give my right nut to see this come to fruition.

Per the “about” section on YouTube:

Thought I’d put this up in between my proper videos (new GYCW currently in the works)

Anyhoo, this is footage from a 2007 movie pitch to Nintendo for a Legend of Zelda Movie by Japanese animation studio, Imagi (you may know them for the CG TMNT and Astro Boy movies a few years ago)

As you can probably tell, Nintendo instantly shut the project down, but this is all that remains of the original pitch to them.


  1. I agree. I am very much against the waifish link. I’ve got an awesome pic for my desktop that has him about 30 lbs heavier. He looks bad ass. Bring us that Link. Also, still supporting a Steampunk Hyrule. Or maybe like, a Hyrule based around 1860 America tech.

  2. I have to admit I’m glad Nintendo shut it down. I have seen far too many good video games become far shittier movies…LoZ can’t have this type of fate! It would destroy me – well…my childhood anyway x<

  3. It’s like a Tangled-version of LoZ. But I kinda agree that a movie of LoZ, although cool, can be an utter disaster for the man.

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