Majora’s Mask New 3DS, New 3DS Deets

That’s…that’s kind of a confusing title. But I PROMISE it all makes sense.

First of all, feast your eyes on THIS:


What you’re looking at, friends, is a limited-edition Majora’s Mask *New* Nintendo 3DS XL. Did I mention it’s a limited-edition? Chances are these things are gonna fly off the racks like, uh, hotcakes (or whatever) so if you want one, you best pre-order one. The New Nintendo 3DS XL comes to North America on February 13th.

I don’t believe the standard sized New 3DS (y’know, the non-XL one) was mentioned during this morning’s Nintendo Direct. So, it sounds like us North American folk are only getting the XL…for now, at least. I mean, I’m totally okay with that (bigger is better amirite?! haaaaar just kidding) but I know many wanted to downgrade in size. Pocket fit-ability and all that.

The New 3DS XL will go for $199.99 and will not include an AC adapter because…reasons. To keep the price at $199? That’s the only thing I can think of. (You can use any DS adapter you may have lying around the house.) Anyway, you may not get an AC adapter but you will get enhanced processing times, a “slightly” longer battery life, amiibo compatibility, extra shoulder buttons, speedier boot-up times, a c-stick nub thing and a face-tracking 3D system so you can actually move your head around while playing in 3D. The New 3DS will do way with standard SD memory cards; you’ll need micro-SDs.

MH4U 3ds

A Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS will also be available as a GameStop exclusive. But if you like to keep things simple, you can opt for the standard red and black.

Finally, you’ll be able to transfer your old 3DS data to the New 3DS. Nintendo will be providing information on how to do this in the future.

…Whew, did I miss anything? So, what do you think? Are you sold? DO YOU NEED ONE RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE?! I’m sorta-kinda thinking that Majora’s Mask edition needs to be a party of my life. It’s just so…classy, and everyone knows I need a little more of that in my life.


  1. Sadly, this thing is already sold out…though there hasn’t been any mention of 3DS preorders on Amazon yet, so hopefully they have this one on there as well…I really, really, really want this! Lol…I held off on buying a 3DS XL after hearing about the New 3DS XL…so yeah :)

      • Just went to gamestop at 11:30am and already sold out. Store manager will cancel my order of the red one and order the majoras mask one if it becomes available sad but oh well

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