I’m sorta-kinda-maybe on my way to a FUCKING METALLICA CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!


That is all. Just me rubbing it in.

I mean, you still love me, right? Because I still love you.

Oh. I guess I should mention something gaming related seeing as this is a videogame blog. Well, did you know that Guitar Hero has a LOT to do with rekindling my love for Metallica? True story.

Also, if you live in the Seattle area and want to fuck around with the Wii U on September 6th, 7th or 8th I’ll have an opportunity for you to do so. Check back early next week!



  1. way to tie it in to the blog, haha! I went to a Metallica concert when I was a sophmore in Highschool…I wore that concert shirt more often than I should have for a year afterwards. One of the funnier things was the way the audience groaned whenever Metallica played a new song.

    • LOL. Yeah, thankfully they stuck to most of their older stuff. I think they only played one, maybe two songs off of their new album?

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