LOL: RIP Luke Skywalker

Okay, seriously guys, I was just going to post the video on my Facebook wall and be like “LOLOLOL” but I feel as though that wouldn’t accurately describe and convey the extent of just how fucking hilarious I find this. Like, the first time I watched it chuckled quite a bit, but it’s one of those things¬†that becomes even funnier the more you watch it. I think I’ve pressed play about 20 or so times.

It’s like, the battle is super epic, the music is epic, there’s running, gunning, action, jumping, dodging aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand SQUISH. Then….SQUISH AGAIN Bahahahhahahahahahha /watches it again

Oh man, I haven’t had time to play the Battlefront beta, but it sounds like those of you who have been playing are really enjoying it. And that’s awesome. To be honest, and don’t hurt me for this, I’ve never been a super die-hard Star Wars fan. Sure, I find the films enjoyable, but even after watching all of them I could barely tell you who’s who. It just was never something I really clasped onto growing up. And knowing that Battlefront doesn’t have a campaign mode, I’m a bit worried I’ll only be able to play multiplayer for only so long before burning out.

Also, check out this one. Not as funny as the above, but still, LOL.


  1. that’s actually what’s keeping me away from buying this game….I like star wars but no campaign is a no buy for me…just because to me that’s the best part of a game…..a story. :3

  2. I laughed my ass off at this. I played the Beta and when you managed to score a hero pickup to be Luke or Vader it is a truly happy moment as you get to wade through countless terrified players. It is a pickup people don’t often get so I can only imagine the sheer joy followed by disappointment that Luke felt and that just makes this video all the more satisfying.
    My opinion based on the Beta alone is that if you are not into shooter multiplayer or Star Wars then this is not the game for you. I enjoy shooters and I really enjoy shooter multiplayer and I have loved Star Wars since I was little. This game was very frustrating at times and is by no means a new player friendly game. It sorely needs a single player campaign and the leveling system is not friendly to new meat.
    that being said…the game is god damn pretty and when I got into the groove of things (I.E. I unlocked my jetpack which is a quality of life boost in that game.) I had an absolute blast.

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