It’s FRIDAY! Have Some Coooooodes.

My friend Jason’s birthday was the other day and I used this to tell him happy birthday. It was convenient and still on my desktop so I used it for this post.

GOOOOD afternoon — nay, FRIDAY afternoon ladies and gentlemen! We come to the end of a week and I find myself with some some straggler emails in my inbox that contain codes for free shit. And by free shit I mean free awesomeness. Don’t get it twisted, sonfrogs.

We’re gonna make this a free-for-all. Please don’t be an e-douche and take everything, though. Although I guess that kind of negates the term “free-for-all”…


Cannon Brawl

Defense Grid: The Awakening (Steam)


Gauntlet (Steam)

HTMA6-9G3KK-3CR19 (the 1 could be an I)

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