I’m Gonna Play Games! And Record Myself! WEEE!


I’m often asked why I don’t stream on Twitch, but I don’t think I’ve ever given, like, a public answer. The truth is playing solo in front of a live audience would give yours truly a slight case of the nerves/anxiety. (I don’t mind streaming with friends, but I guess my inner introvert comes out when I’m going it alone.) Gaming is also my #1 way of relaxing, so I don’t think it would be wise to imbue that with any level of stress. Nooot to mention I generally look like a hobo when I game. Sweats, stained t-shirt…the works. It ain’t pretty.

That said, I know it’s requested content, so I think I’ve found a way to meet in the middle. Instead of livestreaming, I’ll record myself playing something at my computer, edit it into a nice compressed video and upload it to YouTube. If it’s a longer game, I can release different parts and cut out of the fluff and yadda yadda. <3

SO, friends, the question now is this: What do YOU want to watch me play? I think I should stay away from super long games (like RPGs) for now until I get the hang of everything, but yeah, let me know! I think scary games could fun, although I kind of hate them because I’m a wuss, but I can just get drunk beforehand. That always helps.

Thanks for your suggestions! Can’t wait to get this goinggggg.


  1. To break your let’s play cherry I’d suggest something episodic. With that being said i think resident evil revelations 2 is the obvious choice. Its a new game and still on going. You are familiar with the franchise so your insights and opinions would be compelling . And finally your personality would mesh very well with a survival horror video series. You can practice and hone your editing skills. So RER2 is the way to go!!!

  2. One horror game of your choice, one adventure game of your choice, and the newest popular games so more people will see the videos! Gives you a variety of content to release and doesn’t tie you to one game :) (Also, I’d like to see you play through some of the retro games)

  3. Southpark: The stick of truth is my suggestion. It is an RPG but with a completionist playtime of around 18 hours it is on the shorter end. It also will give you something to react to with out making you piddle your pants in fear.
    If you want to showcase your most girly screams…Outlast.

  4. For a first game I suggest a classic like Super Mario 64

    but for some other time I would like to see and get your opinions on the game Primal for the PS2 (but it can also be bought via the PS Network and played on PS3)

  5. play evoland or saturday morning rpg ;) I suggest these cuz they’re awsome, short and not nobody else is doing them. u do any of the mainstream ones and pretty much every youtuber has already done it or is doing it. you can start on them later after you do some of the lesser known awesome titles ;)

  6. I know you don’t own it yet, and I lost my copy, but I would love to watch you play Conker’s Bad Fur Day… when you get it.

  7. Hmmm I’d like to see something like wolfenstein, the evil within, or bio shock! Or something like those.

  8. if you wanted to live stream you could always do a face cam so all we see is your face and i’d also suggest south-park: the stick of truth if you wanna laugh your ass off because the US version has no censors at all

  9. That’s really ambitious. Good for you getting out of your comfort zone. I know I’d have a horrible time being able to concentrate on what I’m playing and trying to entertain viewers simultaneously. I can’t even carry on a conversation with my friends when I’m playing because I get too focused. I think your idea of playing solo and editing it down makes great sense. Good luck!

  10. Hey Britt, keeping your wisdom in mind (“Gaming is also my #1 way of relaxing, so I don’t think it would be wise to imbue that with any level of stress. “), what about VVVVVV? It’s so great and so relaxing! Not to mention the BGMs! =)

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