1. I think the wii zapper will be the closest we will have to the zapper. favorite gaming snack is reeses pieces I dunno I just like em.

  2. My fav gaming candy is prolly sour patch kids. But really anything gummy and/or sour is great because I cants stand playing ma video games with greasy, sticky fingers. XD

  3. may the odds ever be in your favor! i used to love duck hunt! no cheating though putting it on the tv! lol

  4. Its all about Beef Jerky and Coffee, then again any reason to eat Beef Jerky will do…Hey how come the prize isn’t Beef Jerky? : P

  5. OMG! Worth it for the socks alone! Let alone another copy of Duck Hunt!!!! So many epic hours spent on my NES with that game. Gonna cross my fingers!!!! My children will love me even more if I win this one :)

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