IGN’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Review

You gotta watch the review, brah.

…Didja watch it?!

Okay, good, we can proceed.

So, yeah, I pretty much want this game in my mouth. I’ve gone hands-on with an Ifrit battle at E3 and that alone was enough to hook me, but, damn. After seeing this review my mouth is foaming like a rabid Barghest and I’m pretty sure my internal organs are twitching uncontrollably. But despite my excitement, I think I’ll wait until it launches for the PS4 before I dive in seeing as I’m pretty entangled with The Witcher and Asherons’ Call at the moment!

Are you excited for Final Fantasy IX: A Realm Reborn?


  1. This game is awesome and just amazing. I love it so far have my WHM and a couple other classes that i play with when i want a change up and it is just amazing. The only thing i havent liked to much is the fight against Titan. That thing sucked but still had alot of fun with each party formed for it. Let us know when you start up. I think that you will enjoy this game 100%.

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