Another Zelda Rap

I dunno how this video has been around for almost two years and has COMPLETELY slipped my ‘dar, but alas, here it is and it is SOOO GOOOOD.

Also, I want that girl’s voice in my mouth. Can we make that happen? Kthnx.

If you liked this rap, you’ll probably like this one too! I, erm, have the lyrics memorized and may or may not sincerely enjoy blasting the song as I’m driving on the freeway. Do you think they’ll play it tonight at the Zelda symphony? ;D I FUCKING HOPE SO.


  1. The second one is good but, the first one takes the cake. I’ve played all the Zelda games and going to the Zelda Symphony sounds like a great night. I hope they play lost woods from ocarina of time. Nostalgia madness. :)

  2. Ok, so that is all kinds of brilliant.
    However, for some reason it has made me feel a strange desire to make a confession here:
    “I’ve never played a Zelda game”
    (cue: OMGodz, hes not a real gamer!)

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