I Want World of Warcraft in My Mouth

I think I have a disorder. You see, there are a few games I get an annual itch to play. It comes out of nowhere. Like, out of the friggen blue I’m slapped with these cravings and I suddenly turn into a manic freak. I need to get my fix. This has been happening as long as I can remember, and typically the only games I “crave” are Breath of Fire III and Harvest Moon.

However, there is another deadly beast that lurks in the shadows; a deadly beast that threatens to throw my holiday game schedule immensely off track.

::shakes fist at World of Warcraft::

UGH, WoW, now is SO not a good time for you to pop out of a bush and tempt me with your addictiveness, but thats exactly what you are doing, isn’t it? You whore.

Truth be told Ive been feelin this epic WoW temptation for a few months now and Ive been able to suppress it rather easily. But now with all of this Blizzcon news and talk about dungeons, PVE, talent trees, pet battles, questingMMMMMM, it gets my blood BOILING!

come back down to reality, Britt

Right. So World of Warcraft is practically the devil. I need to stay far, far away from this bad boy until the holiday season is over. I need to finish Arkham City so I can finish Uncharted 3 so I can finish Skyward Sword so I can finish Skyrim. I would also like to toss Modern Warfare 3 in there somewhere, and I figure after all is said and done itll be about time to reunite with Kaiden AlenkoI mean, Mass Effect 3.

Now seriously, could you imagine trying to squeeze in hours of World of Warcraft amidst all of that?! To make matters worse, I cannot casually play WoW. I binge, and I binge hard. My life revolves around WoW. I think about it while Im at work, I dream about it, Iuh, fantasize about it. And Ive met some awesome people within the past few months that I sorta-kinda dont want to cut off from my life.

To reiterate: World of Warcraft is the devil. It is like IRL Alistair is asking me out on a date and I need to say no. But I will prevail, and your assistance may be necessary. If you see a tweet from me, a blog post, a Facebook status update that gives any inkling that Im about to fire up my undead hunter Omnommer or my human warrior Bratnoid in the realm of World of Warcraft, digitally bitchslap me. Do what you must.

I need you.


  1. Come play with me on Duskwood / Alliance. :D

    Seriously though, I’m hardly playing for now. Got Batman, BF3 and on Tuesday Uncharted 3 to play with. And Then it’s Skyrim, Saints Row 2, Assassins Creed, etc. UGH. Not enough time for half of those.

    • STOPPIT. Don’t tempt me! Butchya, I feel you. I don’t know how the heck we’re going to do it. Maybe we should quit our jobs.

  2. don’t do it. there is nothing to do right now except clear firelands. that takes 2-3 hours. ur not missing anything

  3. DON’T DO IT! FREE YOURSELF FROM THE VOID! WoW keeps demanding your money but NEVER actually IMPROVES! 5 years of my life were flushed down the WoW toilet. Sure…I got some cool achievs, have hundreds of mounts and vanity pets. BUT, OH! THE REAL THINGS I COULD’VE ACCOMPLISHED IN THAT SAME AMOUNT OF TIME! Don’t do it B-Nerd, you’re better than that ;p

    JUST WAIT FOR D3…and get paid for all the time you put in!

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