I, um, purchased an iPad

Yup. I went out and bought lil’ ol me a 64 GB 4G iTampon. I like to think of it as a “business investment” —  it makes the pang of spending “X” amount of money TOTALLY worth it. In fact, I think I only shed three and a half tears after the transaction went through!

But I gotta be honest and admit that this is my first Apple product EVER (I own an iPod touch from, like, 2006 but that doesn’t count) so if you can bestow your infinite wisdom upon yours truly and tell me any must-have apps, advice or give spare money to make up for the dent in my wallet I’d greatly appreciate it.

Yes, I do have a Dragon Age and Dragon Age 2 strategy guide app on my iTamponString.

Don’t judge me, bro.


    • Hahahaha, I know, I know…but if I whip it out in front of a client or something “WHO IS THAT MAN ON YOUR IPAD?” “WELL HE IS THIS VIRTUAL MAN I AM IN LOVE WITH”

  1. Not sure what you need as far as business go, but I have evernote installed and use it for work allot to share notes with my boss, spotify just so it’s there cause I have premium or pro (forgot the name). Skype/face time and all the social stuff obviously, viber etc. And then there’s all the “fun Stuff”. or games. There really is an app for almost everything

  2. As far as games go, I highly recommend Worms 2: Armagedon, Zen Pinball and I like pretty much all of the EA Sports games. And of course any Angry Birds game is good. Rage HD would definitely be up your alley and Atari’s Greatest Hits is good if you enjoy old arcade games.

    As far as other apps go, I highly recommend Reeder for RSS feed reading if you already use Google Reader. Alien Blue is the best Reddit client if you are a Reddit person and Colloquy is a great IRC app. Also, if you are into space stuff at all, Star Walk is a fantastic app!

  3. OMG I play this game called Clash of Clans… its really fun, i think… it’s just when you get further… the game gets slower… cuz the constructions can go from hours to days! haha Also, song pop is pretty popular right now i think… its basically a game between two people and you have to guess what the song/artist is before your opponent does! haha!! BTW, I was so confused when you said iTampton, i really thought it was an actual thing for about 10 seconds… i told you, you cant do these things to me!!!!! :D

  4. youre hilarious. dont u think its douchey posting about stuff u bought? i would love to show u my setup and see your face :P jkidding but for serious do u get paid for this blog or something? or is this just for kicks? ….anyways the best app is splashtop you can log into your computer and play pc games on the ipad. it doesnt even lag too bad i play portal 2 all the time. although u dont have a mac cause you suck at buying nerd swag so it might not work as good

  5. battleheart is a fun little RPG, and theres a tamogotchi app called Hatchi. I justify my purchase with this, and the ME3 app which you already have : )

    oh! IGN touch, twitch, and kindle and kobo : )

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