…But uh, not really since it’s in the room next to me in a box. So y’know, I could always just unbox it, kiss it and that would make my feels go away — and that reminds me, I really need to get that shelving up in my bedroom so I can display all of my consoles with pride. “Hey baby, welcome to my bedroom where the magic happens. I hope you don’t mind my CONSOLES STARING AT US WHILE WE DO THE DEED.”


But seriously, this PlayStation commercial induced all sorts of nostalgia, ESPECIALLY when the sounds of the consoles booting up graciously made their ways to my ear-holes. Hearing that chime of the original PlayStation made me travel back to my old childhood room Christmas Eve night. Santa had apparently stopped by my grandma’s house and dropped of a PlayStation for yours truly, which was grand and all, but unfortunately my parents couldn’t figure out how to hook the damn thing up! Hahaha — it took what seemed like forever, but after we got that bad boy up running the PaRappa the Rapper demo totally made the wait worthwhile.

Well played Sony. Well played. <3 <3 <3 <3



  1. Play station uno will always have a place in my sad sap of a heart! I learned what made men and women different and why I felt funny in the loins just looking at the lovely Lara croft in all her pixelated glory. I can remember feeling like a level one badass at the end of syphon filter. And of course thought I could skate after playing tony hawk. Then ps2 with your much better graphics, you gave me shadows of the colossus, haunting ground, ratchet and clank, and god of war. Of course I could go on and on, but let me just say play station you’ve definately been a part of my life. You were my kit and I was your Michael knight. And even though you scared the shit out of me raccoon city, I still love ya. Ps4 be true to thy self!

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