I Love This Charles Martinet Interview


This dude always puts a smile on his face. Like, watch him for more than five seconds and you can just see the passion and genuine love he has for what he does. It’s just soooo refreshing. /cries

ANNNNNNNND <incoming humble brag> I got to meet him briefly, for like, seven and a half seconds during E3 2016. I know, I know – many of you have met him as well but DAMMIT THIS IS MY TIME TO SHINE. (Or something. That sounded waaaaaay more stuck-up than I intended.) Anyway, point being, it was toward the end of the show, and everyone looked like exhausted zombies slowly shuffling about, but this man was a brilliant goddamn ray of sunshine lighting everyone up with his happiness and I HAD to take a picture with him. He gave me a “WOOHOO!” and then we stood awkwardly for a few seconds while the cameraman tired to figure out how to work my iPhone camera. True story. BUT. Charles was a gem.

I mean, I consider myself to a be a “glass half-full” super happy optimistic person, but this guy put me to shame.


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