I’m officially creeped out by Vegeta

Last night while I was supposed to be doing something productive, I found myself on Google sifting through pages upon pages of Dragon Ball Z pictures and cosplay. Don’t ask me why, because that doesn’t even matter. What does matter, however, is that I have seen the unsee-able; I have seen things that are now burned and etched into my brain.

So, I’ll share one of them with with you. Because I care.

Gaaaaah. I can’t stop staring at…it. Or it can’t stop staring at me. Either way, I refuse to call it Vegeta.

Something is off here. Is it the mouth? The bug eyes? Like, if Vegeta were to fly out of my TV and say “WHADDUP?” is that the face I would be greeted with? I fuckin’ hope not.

Hey, Veggie, nice five-head.


…I miss Dragon Ball Z. That’s where it’s at, man.



  1. May I remind you of Rule 36 Britt;

    There will always be even more f***ed up s*** than what you just saw.

    Thus feel safe in that knowledge lol…

  2. The Jersey Shore version of Vegeta?

    I too miss the old days of DBZ. Waiting 2 years for them to finally continue the Frieza Saga on Cartoon Network since I was too young and broke to buy the Japanese imported VHS tapes (dvd’s were practically non-existent when this show started coming around).

  3. lol that creeps me out and btw u can watch db dbz and dbzgt just search it up on google Ex: dbz episode 1 and always click the first link it should bring up watch-dragonballetc on the web site so hoped this helped u fans LOLZ:P

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