Hyrule Warriors Announced by Nintendo


HA! I knew waking up at 5:45 this morning would totally pay off! >:D

Did you ever think Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors and our beloved Zelda would come together and make a sweet, sweet baby? If you did, props. If you didn’t, welcome to the entire population of the universe. I so totally did NOT see this coming, but I’m definitely glad it’s a thing that’s happening. Iwata stressed that this isn’t the next true installment in the Legend of Zelda series, so think of Hyrule Warriors (a working name, bee-tee-dubs) as a fun spin-off to whet our palette why we pray to the Zelda Gods every night for a next-gen experience.

Hopefully we’ll hear some more information about Hyrule Warriors soon (AND THE CONFIRMATION OF CO-OP) but at least we can rest easy knowing we’ll hear more at E3. Which is, uh, still six months away.




  1. Oh my sweet baby jesus This is pretty freakin legit :D
    Im just glad that it isnt an official Zelda title but its still worthy for the fans for the meantime :D

    • Exaaaaaactly. If this *was* the official installment in the series I would probably cry. Or jump off of my balcony. Either or.

  2. Looks pretty sick-nasty, but the thing that I kinda chuckled at was the announcer saying, “Pegi 12.” Just because I’m so used to him saying, “Pegi 18” that he sounded kinda surprised. “Pegi 12? Huh, well, that’s a nice change of pace. Way to throw me a curve ball, Nintendo.”

    • HAHAHA! Dude, you’re right! I listened to it again and it seems…off. Kind of like when the Resident Evil announcer has to say a new number. “Resident Evil…23”

  3. Was already planning on buying a Wii U with my tax refund in a few months for Super Mario 3D world…and now this? :) Me be happy!

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