Honest Game Trailers: Destiny

Love it or hate it, this Honest Game Trailer from Smosh Games hits the nail on the head.

I’m really enjoying my time with Destiny…when I can play it, that is. The game was literally unplayable yesterday (Sunday) due to the servers sucking on a giant Vex peen. I was so incredibly bummed. Like, I had NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING to do yesterday and I had my little cold black heart set on killing some fools in Destiny. Sigh. Uh, did I just rant? Sorry about that.

But yeah. Destiny is fun times. I just reached level 17 and am starting to get my feet wet in strikes which are SO FREAKIN’ HARD but damn they’re rewarding as hell. I don’t do PVP, so I don’t think I’ll venture to The Crucible or anything like that. Basically, with the story, strikes and apparent “The game gets better after level 20!” statement floatin’ around I don’t feel like I’m anywhere close to shelving the game.

How are you liking Destiny?


  1. I was thoroughly addicted for about two weeks… But after leveling all 3 classes to 20 and giving 20+ content a solid whirl I agree with the solid 7/10. I had a lot of fun with the game and it has an incredible amount of potential, but there are problems and it really doesn’t change all that much after 20. The Honest game trailer is pretty spot on with its analysis. But if your easily persuaded into getting into the hamster wheel of grinding for loot then this game will keep you coming back for more.
    Hold on let me get off my hamster wheel…I have to catch the 5am hype train to shadows of mordor.
    All that being said, I am hope you enjoy the game as much as I did. it is really fun!
    out of curiosity what class and race did you choose?

  2. First: the video is spot on…except that I don’t think that it really gets moving after 20. I got to about 22 and went, “Boy, this is pretty, but shallow,” and then spent $12 on Alpha Protocol because of this Kill Screen Daily article (http://killscreendaily.com/articles/its-time-reconsider-alpha-protocol/) and played it for a while. (That article’s 100% accurate).

    Overall: it’s awfully pretty and the guns feel great; the story is really dumb and badly acted; and holy crap, did no one at Bungie invite someone over who hasn’t been working on the game for so long their perspective’s skewed to play it for 20 hours or so and go, “You know, this is kind of boring. And why’s Tyrion Lannister’s voice so…flat?”

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