Garage sale haul #1: Let me show you my loot

Whaddya think? Did I score? Did I fail? DO YOU LIKE MY POSTERS?!!

Just for shits:

Neverwinter nights and Undrentide Expansion
Diablo II
Starcraft and Starcraft Expansion + Books

I paid: $10 for all
eBay value: $32.50

Halo 3 and Godfather guide
I paid: $5 for both
eBay value: $7.50

Namco Museum
I paid: $1
eBay value: $2.99

Ghost Recon
I paid: $1
eBay value: $7.99

Tetris Plus:
I paid: $1
eBay value: $5.83

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
I paid: .50
eBay value: $2.99

I paid: $1
eBay value: $7

Crash Warped
I paid: $1
eBay value: $9.99

Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus
I paid: $1
eBay value: $7.88

WCW/NWO Thunder
I paid: $1
eBay value: $2.25

Ape Escape
I paid: $1
eBay value: $9.99

Jet Moto 3

I paid: $1
eBay value: $2.99

Spyro 2
I paid: $1
eBay value: $11.99

WF War Zone
I paid: $1
eBay value: $5.99

Crash Team Racing
I paid: $1
eBay value: $9.99

Crash 2

I paid: $1
eBay value: $9

I paid: $1
eBay value: $9.99

Vigilante 8
I paid: $1
eBay value: $6


  1. Nice haul Britt the $10 deal was a coup, and those ps1 games are pretty solid. Seriously go play Crash Team Racing that game is still as good as any kart racer out there.

  2. Whoa! The halo3 strat guide looks to be in decent shape..I love that you collect guides…I wish I’d known you when I donated my collection :(. I think you did pretty good…WWE/WWF games tend to have poor resale, but you have some great PS1 games in there (which are starting to get rare), plus Starcraft/broodwards is just classic. Great job…but please..please…stop buying ghost recon, before your friends setup an intervention :)

  3. I like how you put the ebay values on there for justification :)….I totally had the guide for WWF WarZone. I had to buy it JUST to figure out how to give some jabroni the stone cold stunner.

  4. Great pick-ups!
    Crash Team Racing hasn’t aged a bit, and is excellent in multiplayer :)
    Definitely one of my favourite kart racers :)

  5. I did this a few times. I found FFIII for SNES for $2, and sold it for $52 on the Amazon Marketplace. My best score.

  6. do you even consider ebay fees and shipping costs in this? You make it sound like everything is profit!

  7. Huh. Interesting, but a pretty low profit margin on your takes. After fees and such, you’re not making any money, assuming you’re actually trying to sell them.

    When you’re picking up copies of Pikmin 2 ($40ish) for $1, Kirby’s DreamLand 3 for $3 (two this year so far), and Earthbound for $10, then we’ll talk.. Until then, you’re still in the Amateur League. But nice try. We’ll be watching your career with great interest. :D

    • I’ve been collecting games for a while—so I know when I score a good haul. Suikoden, Suikoden II, Suikoden III, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII and Xenogears for 10 bucks is a good haul, and one I’ve had before. I’m not doing this to make money.

  8. Heads up, your featured on the Consumerist. Cool lewt you managed to pick up. One of my aunts goes to garage sales all the time and maages to pick up cool things. Not like games or anything but dress shoes, nice dress shirts, an off the rack suit (I gotta take that to a seamstress and get it fitted up/custom tailored for me one day).

    • Oh cool, thanks for letting me know! Yeah, if you hit it just right, people sell some of the nicest things for dirt cheap. If you know what you’re looking for, you can score!

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