Game Over Man: Video Games in Movies


HEY, MOVIE BUFFS! You might get a kick out of this.

I watched this, but one could say my, erm, movie knowledge is extremely limited compared to my video game knowledge soooo what I’m trying to tell you is I only recognized maybe one or two of these films. But the games? PSHHH. I recognized those! That counts for something, right?


  1. That man is over there playing galaga he thought we wouldn’t notice but we did lol. and fun fact about the part with the wrestling game the movie it was in the director requested a working nes and some one to design that game to make it look real lol. A lot of tron references lol

  2. It’s really only the early 80’s movies in this montage that I can’t name. Some of the transitions are pretty sweet though, especially when they link Actor video game scenes. Also, did you know one of the kids playing Wild Gunman in Back to the Future 2 is Elijah Wood?

      • Elijah Wood is Frodo from LotR and he’s also the guy who isn’t Wilfred in Wilfred. Oh, and he was Kevin, the creepy Cannibal in Sin City. This bothered many of us because we still remember him as the sweet kid from Indian in the Cupboard, North, and the nerd in The Faculty along side John Stewart and Josh Hartnett.

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