majora's mask
Ain’t that purdy.

‘Ello Nuvs of the Guv variety! (That means Guv’nas, in case you couldn’t figure it out. God, I’m so fucking witty.)

I’m excited for this giveaway! Sigourney from Circulus Design and I have teamed up to give one of you lucky son’bitches an video game poster (11×17) from his shop! And let me tell you, these things are pretty. I’ll post a few of my faves below, but make sure you check out his entire store!

The contest wraps up Friday evening, so get your butt entered ASAP!


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fox hound
I LOVE the colors in this one.
Fuckin’ Cerberus.
umbrella poster
GAHHH I think I might need this for my Resident Evil bathroom!


  1. The Cerberus Network or the Majora’s Mask posters are PIMP! Either one would work for me in my nerd cave.

  2. I’d probably go with the Umbrella poster, though the Fox Hound poster looks pretty nice as well.

  3. I’d have to go with the Shin-Ra poster. Can’t go wrong with the classic evil corporation … ^_^

  4. Not sure which one I like most. The Shin-Ra poster is pretty sweet, but the Majora’s Mask and Fox Hound ones are so iconic.

    Guess it doesn’t matter until I win. :P

  5. I would go with Fox-Hound I have always loved Metal Gear and started with Metal Gear Solid for PSX I loved the story in that game it really drew you in the fact that Snake started out as a lone wolf but ends up falling in love great story and great game play

  6. Fox-Hound poster looks sweet but I also like the Umbrella Corp. too. Oh who am I kidding they are
    all awesome.

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