Fourth of July Tank & Turtle Battle 2012

It’s that time, my friends.

The Fourth of July looms right around the corner, and with each passing day tensions grow high and my mind becomes more and more preoccupied with tactics, strategies and battle plans.

…Dude. I feel like I just gave a speech to a room full of soldiers or something.

Anyway, like I said the Fourth of July is a thing that is happening in a few days, therefore this is another thing that will be happening in a few days:

I swear to God my dad and I are the biggest bunch of weirdos.

Yep, it’s a yearly tradition for my daddio and I to purchase silly little mobile fireworks and put them against each other in an all-out war. Hands will be burned and egos will be bruised. But before this battle can take place we must hold mock battles so that we can test our tactics and strategy. Unfortunately for my mom, these, uh, mock battles and whatnot occur on her dining room table. (But she’s a good sport about it…for the most part.;D)


It says “cock CROWING at dawn” but I say it says “cock GROWING at dawn”

My dad got jealous of my water-induced growing dragon so he had to buy a T-Rex.




    • Actually, I’m flattered that you chose to spend some of your free time worrying that my Google+ account wasn’t “good” enough. It’s a good feeling knowing someone really cares that much ;)

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