Fan Trailer: Grand Theft Auto Madrid

Now that’s some fancy pants super impressive film work. On that note, you should see my best work. It’s of me dressed as the Kool-Aid man and depicts yours truly acting out a short from one of Dane Cook’s stand-ups. Buuuut back to Grand Theft Auto: Madrid. Did you check out the comparison window in the bottom left corner? Pretty cool shit.

These guys should do a trailer like the one above but for, like, Zelda. There are numerous volcanoes that could be Death Mountain, villages that could be Kakariko and many, uh, elf children that should fit the roles of the Kokiri. I’m sure Australia has spiders big enough to be Skultullas, too. Now all we need is a talking tree! Shouldn’t be too hard to find. We might have to ingest some magical herbs or something to find it but HEY whatever works.

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