Experience the, uh, Wii U Experience

Hello, guvn’as!!!

I have ONE open slot I can use to invite one of y’all to this thing called the “Wii U Experience”, in which I assume we are going to dink around with the Wii U. (I mean, that seems like the logical plan of action, right?) The event is taking place at Pravda Studios, which is located at 1406 10th Avenue in Seattle. You can choose to either go on September 6th, 7th or 8th and there are multiple time slots available, but I’ll give those deets to the winner via email.

(FYI — I’ll be going on September 7th at 8pm with two friends of mine, one of which will be Jason Ericson, aka the man who co-hosts the n00bketeers podcast with me!)

If you want to go, let me know in the comments below! The winner will need to RSVP by this Friday, August 31st!!!


  1. I am down, for sure. Oh another thing, did they say anything about Vlogging/pictures about this thing? It seems like a really cool thing to talk about.

  2. The Wii-U, err Wii 2.0 , err dolhin 2.0 errr nintendos 1.5 next gen console,
    I hope and pray to god Nintendo finally just trumps the competition but im sure it will be like past years of cute fluffy games for kiddies nd gimmicky peripherals.

    I am down for having the controler used as a drawing pad. much like when people took the Wii-jay program and made badd ass stuff with it. Im sure the nerds will have the wii controler to work with any PC and use it as a cheap drawing pad.

    further more expect great artwork from the Wii-U art market. I hope nintendo is smart enough to offer people the service to sell stuff they draw, it will make them oddles of monies.

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