Everyone Moment Has a Song

Let me give you an example. Right now I’m trying to edit We’re Not Dead episode 20. Everything is going smoothly; there aren’t any technical SNAFUs or anything of the sort. BUT. I have a “True Blood” date with a friend in two hours. Yeah, I know, it’s a weird time to have a television date, but it’s a thing that’s happening.

Unfortunately, this podcast takes anywhere from 4-7 hours to edit. You do the math.

Why am I running so far behind? Well, I’d like to take a moment to blame inFAMOUS 2. That game is pretty much sex, and I sorta-kinda played it longer than I should have. Sigh.

So I need to get my ass in gear. AND before you lecture me about “WHY are you writing a post when you could be editing?!” it’s because the tracks are processing. SO DON’T YELL AT ME.

Long story short, I will not watch True Blood until I finish editing this podcast. I refuse.

Therefore, this the current song to my evening:

It’s actually pretty perfect. Can’t you just imagine all the crazy scenarios that could accompany this song? A guy frantically running up the staircase to present his girlfriend flowers on their anniversary (which he totally forgot) (and no, that didn’t happen to me, I just have a weird imagination!), or maybe a certain red-headed King of Ferelden is trying to lose a creepy blonde stalker in the woods…or, it could be like the kid from the YouTube page who wrote that this is the music that plays whenever he’s up late finishing homework.

Okay, now I really am procrastinating. BAI!

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