E3 2015: Unravel Melted My Heart

There’s something genuinely refreshing about watching someone be nervous while presenting on stage. Personally, it’s at that moment I can relate with them the most (I know I’d be nervous has hell) and therefore it’s when I’m most invested. I get a serious thrill over other’s passions, and to see someone pursue their dreams and make shit happen makes me happy as fuck. Seriously. I appreciate anyone who knows a good hustle.

I literally had tears in my eyes as I watched the presentation for Unravel. In fact, it wasn’t until many presentations later that I was able to stop thinking about it. I think this is what most professionals call “love at first sight” — Yarny, and that’s his name, immediately captured my heart with his expressive animations, little yarny body and big personality.


While no release date or platforms were specified, you can pre-order Unravel for 20 bucks on EA Origin. Hopefully we’ll see this bad boy come to consoles. 

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  1. When that man stood up there and made the little yarn doll wave and said, “Hello,” I was so on board with whatever he was going to say next. Then the game footage started and I said to myself from two seconds ago, “Hey, you were right. We’re buying this.”

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