E3 2015: DOOM Gameplay Trailer

Holy shit, guys. Can we just watch this again and again and again and…

The above is but a snippet, but the entirety of this gameplay demo was seriously the best action film I’ve ever seen. And you know what? IT’S NOT ACTUALLY AN ACTION FILM IT’S A GAMEPLAY TRAILER OF A VIDEO GAME. (You don’t fucking say?) But yeah dudes, while I was sitting in the audience during Bethesda’s conference I just kept thinking, “Hot damn, I really don’t want this demo to end!” It was just SO freakin’ intense, especially with the kickass sound system in the theater and all that. Got my blood pumping somethin’ fierce.

DOOM’s multiplayer made a quick cameo, and the game modes mentioned were deathmatch, domination, clan area and freeze tag.  But what I think is the most baddest of assess of ever is “Doom SnapMap,” a creation mode that allows folks such as yourself the ability to construct and customize maps and, of course, share them with the world.

Exciting shit. Long-time fans may recognize certain weapons as well as certain enemies. (Let me know if you do!) While I never played much DOOM growing up, I absolutely appreciate the following it has and the reputation it’s built. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this new gameplay trailer seems to do the older installments of DOOM great justice.

Spring 2016 can’t come soon enough, amirite?

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  1. Obviously they still have a lot of work to do, but the overall glossiness of the footage let me down a little. Give me more darkness and shadow! The time dilation thing during weapon swapping was awesome and don’t even get me started on SnapMap. That looked rad. I’ve never really been into the Doom franchise but this might be a good place to jump in.

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