E3 2014 | Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailers


There really isn’t a lot of information to derive from these trailers, but at the very least they increase the amount of want and desire and lust for Dragon Age: Inquisition by at least 426%.

Today I saw Dragon Age: Inquisition in two different places — Microsoft’s press conference and, of course, EA’s. In total I think I saw, er…three different trailers. I can’t remember. You see, when Dragon Age trailers play I totally turn into this loopy, love-sick adolescent who, for example, loses all ability to compute like a normal human being while in the presence of a very attractive person. But in my case that person is a video game trailer.

Some cumulative thoughts from the trailers:

  • The combat looks effin’ SWEET. Super fluid and tactical. I want to learn all of those moves and act them out myself. It will be a shitshow, but a glorious one.
  • Leliana is a fucking badass and I would gladly share Alistair with her. That being said, I think she would make Alistair cry in the sack. Maybe that’s a situation best avoided.
  • Can we take a moment and appreciate the beauty of this game? We can? Okay. ………. Aaand done. I just cannot WAIT to get my Inquisitor out there and just WANDER. Find everything. Discover secrets. I want to do it all; especially when the environment looks as gorgeous as this one.
  • From the trailer below (EA hasn’t released an official video yet, so the quality is a bit poor) I can’t decide who I’ll woo in the sack. The Iron Bull could be, um, interesting, but would likely cause more internal injury than what it’s worth. So far the #1 contender is Blackwall — assuming his personality doesn’t suck. But with a name like Blackwall I assume we’re dealing with a Debbie Downer.

OH! This is kind of related. I totally hugged Blair Brown today. He’s the awesome dude who sent that Dragon Age care package a few days ago <3. 

In short:

dragon age babies

How many days until October 7th?

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