BioWare Sent Me This Dragon Age Care Package And Now I Need To Change My Pants

package 2

AHOY FRIENDS! I got back from Europe, like, a day and a half ago and I’m up to my eyeballs in E3 shenanigans, but I HAD HAD HAD to make the time to show thee the amazing, humbling and effin’ RAD Dragon Age care package the lovely team at BioWare sent my way. SO! The care package consisted of two packages, one being the beastly tall mo’fo you see above. Carrying that thing from the concierge to my car was a task all in itself, but I KNEW IN MY GUT IT WOULD BE WORTH IT. 

Now, I had no idea what was in these packages — all I knew (thanks to a quick Twitter scan while I was in Spain) was that five Dragon Age fans were sent awesomeness. Yeah. I’ve never wanted to get home from Europe so fast.


really wanted to make an unboxing video, but seeing as I’m plagued with the obligatory pre-E3 sickness I decided a blog post would be more, erm, appropriate. (Unless ya’ll want to see me rocking the pale-faced, bed-ridden hair look, you’ll agree with me.)



An Inquisitor helm pin? Yes, please.
world of thedas
YES! I love this book. I also own, erm, four copies? Five? BUT. Buuut. NONE are signed.
photo 5
SQUEEEE! Concept artist Nick Thornborrow (isn’t that a rad name?) and editor at BioWare, Ben Gelinas.
t-shirt front
t-shirt back
HNGGGH just SEEING that title gives the giddy.

Those all came in the first package — the following came in that big beastly mo’fo. And holy crap, I’m still freaking out a little.

frame 1

Gorgeous, right? The picture doesn’t do it any justice. And it’s signed. And it’s framed. And it’s…it’s just AHHHHHHHHH


Frame 2


I’m totally humbled and thankful and feel SO lucky that BioWare would send me something like this. Like, damn guys! How just…AMAZING is that?!

GAH! I thought I couldn’t possibly be more excited for Dragon Age: Inquisition shenanigans next week — but this just completely re-lit my fire! KFDJFKDLJFKDJSKDJSKDJS:LK


Thank you thank you THANK YOU rad and awesomesalsa folks at BioWare. Thank you for being so damn good to your fans. <333


  1. Sweet. All your fangirlgasms over this game have definitely amounted to something. Good work and congrats.

  2. See what you missed.
    I know the others, I have been talking to them about you. I hope they decide to get to know you.You guys have a bond now.Rotfl.
    So you’re a “special fan”, and it seems a controversial one as your friend metal jesus can attest to.
    He stands by you though and I joined his channel because I believe he has the right to do so and have you or anyone else he wants on his channel.
    So how do you know the people at Bioware ?
    Why did they choose you for these gifts ?
    I am not jealous, I tend to be critical and have rubbed some people wrong at Bioware and that’s ok. I don’t need to be loved by them.I just hope they correct their past mistakes and make good games.

    I hope you post more often, do more youtube videos about DAI, ME4 and the Disney/Starwars rpg Casey Hudson and his team are working on once we know more about them.
    We should learn more about DAI at E3 next week.Sera it seems will be featured , if you’ve seen her pic Bioware released.I feel encouraged by that as I hope she will be a good Li for my Inquisitor.

    Hope you had fun ,glad you are back and see ya later.

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