Dragon Age 2: What is this I don’t even.

I guess one has to appreciate the talent and effort required to make a video such as this. But seriously…what did we just watch? I faintly remember a scene in which Fenris is butt-boofing Hawke…that I remember…and something about blood magic.

Maybe we’ve just been brainwashed? Subliminally told to do commit a horrendous crime in “X” amount of years?

I don’t know–but I like it.

“This ain’t my life! This is a plot quest!”


  1. I hate it when you accidentally make out with another dude in the game! I just trying to be nice to Anders, then next thing you know… *spits out mouthful of water* … D:

  2. Ouch my eyes! They are burning after watching that. The repetition of “butthole” was needed x1000. I also liked the… singing… in that video, it just flows like a river (full of ice).

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