What is Jesh, you ask? Watch this short yet LOL-inducing video!

I’m introducing you to Jesh because I just pledged $30 to their Kickstarter page and I feel damn good about it!

You know what this means? It means you need to be on the lookout for an in-game advertisement of AND an in-game character of yours truly in the final version of this action/platformer lovechild. My only request will be that that my shirt has a buffalo wing on it. <3.

I 100% support the indie scene, and it always makes me warm and fuzzy to throw some cash to upcoming studios. Due to a nice tax return I was able to donate more than normal, but even if you have a few bucks I’d encourage you to do the same. I mean, that video! Those guys are absolutely hilarious and I have no doubt they can put something awesome together.

(Here’s an example of the hilarity: Like the video says, there are Power-ups and Not-Power-ups in Jesh. Let’s say you see a tempting t-bone steak and you decide to grab it. BAD IDEA–you are now a carton of milk. Another player can now drink you, or if you’re lucky, you can curdle your milk-self and cause that douchebag great harm by killing him with your curdlation. BRILLIANT.)

Check out Jesh’s kickstarter, where you can pledge and learn more about what these fine gentlemen have in store!

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