YOU HEARD THE VIDEO. Don’t install the second disk, or else some SHIT WILL GO DOWN. And by “shit” I mean textures will suck, pop-in and far away objects will take their sweet time loading.

While the GTA V hype-train is admittedly soaking into my pores and creating this thing called “excitement”, I’m determined to finish The Witcher before visiting the GINORMOUS city of Los Santos. I mean, hey, those medieval whores aren’t going to bang themselves. I, as Geralt of Rivia, must traverse the world and ensure every, uh, whore becomes…inseminated? Okay. AWKWARD.

In any case, heed the above advice and enjoy romping around, running over people, murdering ’em, y’know, the uze. <3



  1. This should now be considered a PSA. Now I will not do it because I always install the other disc. Thanks for the heads up!

    • This is more on the fault of Rockstar, not Microsoft. GTA V was probably optimized to run from the disc and not the hard drive, thus creating issues that wouldn’t otherwise pop up. It’s not Microsoft’s fault if they didn’t take into account installations.

  2. I’ll be so glad once the new consoles come out and every game should (hopefully) fit on one disc. It’s such an annoyance to need to dics nowadays for most anything that comes out on the 360.

    • It will be nice, that’s for sure! I hate it when you’re in the middle of a heated moment, or right after a cutscene and it’s all “PLEASE INSERT DISC TWO!” It kind of pulls me out of the moment.

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