Why I’m Naming My Next Pokémon “Oh shit he”

oh shit he

Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Last Friday I decided to tap back into my Pokémon roots with some Pokémon Emerald action, and I gotta say, I’m quite enjoying it! It’s the first Pokémon game I’ve played besides, erm *cough* Pokémon Blue *haaaaaackcoughcough* so it’s fun to see the changes made to the series since 1998. Y’know, like this thing called color. Also, new Pokémon . I’LL SOON CATCH UP TO ALL OF YOU WHIPPERSNAPPERS.

Thanks for the laugh, reddit!


  1. XD hahaha “What? Oh Shit he is evolving” That made me laugh like no other. If you check out “Comichead” on youtube He tends to say “Oh Shit” a lot and make this even funnier XD
    So you’re tapping into your Pokemon roots huh? I massively recommend to check out Heart Gold or Soul Silver since it’s a great way to be re-introduced into the pokemon worlds (unless you’re willing to wait for X & Y :3 )

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