Donkey Kong Country Doom Mod

Happy Friday, folks. I hope this video brings you as much pleasure as it brought me. That being said, I don’t understand a THING about modding, so a bit further below is some info-may-shun taken straight from the YouTube video itself. (I r good reporter?)

I’ve often wondered what I would mod if I possessed the ability of such sorcery. Probably something with Dragon Age and Ocarina of Time. Or Resident Evil and Ocarina of Time. Yeah. I think the latter would be a winner. Could you imagine?! Kakariko Village would be Raccoon City-ified. The enemies would be zombies, and the weapons could be knives and guns and shit. OH! And instead of finding small keys and whatnot to unlock doors you’d have to find crests. Squeeee.

What would you mod? 


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Date Completed : September 10, 2014
Title : Donkey Kong Country DooM, First Demo.
Filename : donkey.wad
Author : DooMero

Email Address :

Description : a total conversion for GZDooM. Donkey kong Country DooM is an
adventure and funny mod. You play as Donkey Kong, your mission is rescue Diddy Kong.

Features : * Extensive scripting
* New enemies
* Various levels

* Play Information *

Game : gzdoom.exe with doom2.wad, you’ll need the latest
version of GZDoom. (is compatible with zdoom, but i not recommended, you can´t see the levels on software mode.
Levels : 10 levels total + test map (for mappers)
Instalation : execute the bat file called “donkey kong”
How to play : configure your buttons, go to options, customize controls and go to the final part and search donkey kong snes buttons: Y button and B button.
Single Player : yes (intended)
Cooperative 2-4 Player : not supported
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : nope
Difficulty Settings : not really

New Sounds : Yes
New Graphics : Yes
New Music : Yes


Id Software for create DooM
Rare and Nintendo for create Donkey Kong
Sprites from the game, thanks to sprites-resource web site
Sounds ripped by the donkey kong atlas community
Roack16 for ACS support
PsychoSilverTH ACS and ideas
DooMguy ideas
Firelord ideas
Doomfiend for create the intro of this mod
Phyreburnz for edit the sprites of Donkey Kong were use the horizontal rope
Donkey Kong atlas community for support this project as well the zdoom members and doomeros inc facebook group members

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  1. Hmm… not sure what to think of this mod. Seems interesting, but doesn’t really utilize the Doom properties enough in my opinion. I guess there’s only so much you can do without outright hacking the game, but I’d be interested to see if they step it up in the 2nd episode mentioned at the end.

    As for games I’d like to mod… Probably modify Secret of Mana to use characters from different Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger. Y’know, because I’m a dork :) lol

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