Another Deep Down Trailer. WAT.

I…I…I STILL DON’T GET IT CAPCOM. WHAT IS THIS GAME. All I know is that the IRL portion of the story takes place in the year 2094 in New York City. I know the dungeon crawling, medieval gameplay footage we’ve been shown thus far takes place in the game’s “distant past” and are based off of, um, memories that are simulated from…artifacts the player collects?

Okay, so clearly I don’t know much about the story (I don’ think anyone does), but I imagine information will start trickling out soon as this free-to-play, PS4 exclusive title launches late next month in Japan. Although a western release date hasn’t been confirmed/announced/set/fixed/verified/established, it’s hard to imagine this bad boy won’t make its way across the Pacific.

I’m a hopeless medieval romantic, and Deep Down’s premise is so, SO fucking weird I can’t help but be intrigued. Another selling point — and I’m stoked about this —  are the randomly generated dungeons, monsters, chests, environments, so on and so forth. Toss in co-op (which has been confirmed!) and I think we have, if nothing, a title that will develop a cult following — especially if Capcom throws in their usual dosage of cheese in the mix.


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