My 2013 Year in Review According to Facebook

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Because nothing is more accurate and thorough than Facebook’s My Year in Review feature, I thought I would take this time to reflect upon the most momentous happenstances of my 2013. (Certain events such as E3 and moving to a new apartment were left out, but overall Facebook nailed it!)

year in review 1
New Year’s last year! I believe I drank way too much that night. AND I WAS WITHOUT MY ZELDA FLASK THANKS TO THE GUY IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT. He held it hostage for over a year. Assweed.
Year in Review 2
My first cruise! It was way fun, especially since I didn’t contract a parasite! <3 Unfortunately there weren’t any zombies, but there’s always next year.
Year in Review 3
I LOVED PAX East. I swear these conventions get better and better with each passing year. You can check out my recap here and here.
Year in Review 4
My poor mom. I seriously don’t know how she puts up with me. Must be that “unconditional love” everyone talks about.
Year in Review 5
Ooooh how did THAT get there?! ;D
Year in review 7
Again, my poor mom. She is so patient with her weird daughter.
Year in review 8
My dad was my number one gaming buddy growing up, so we always enjoy getting together and firing up the classics. <3
Year in Review 9
My poor dad — unfortunately this surgery was only a half-success so he’s going in next week for round two. FINGERS/TOES/EVERYTHING CROSSED!
Year in Review 10
I think I was playing Resident Evil 6 — I really enjoyed that freakin’ game, but there are still several improvements that I hope come to RE7!
year in review 11
Year in Review 12
Thanks Miss Sarah for the interview! <3
Year in Review 13
She may not understand everything I do, but sometimes she proves me wrong me and pulls amazing cards like this out of her ass. <3
Year in Review 14
This is the general FB album I upload my stuff to. These photos are from Seahawks games, PAX Prime, weddings…2013 WAS THE BEE’S KNEES.
year in review 15
Oh shit. I am the WORST. I can’t remember the name of this band, but they are always playing at Dick’s. AHHH. They were SO good, too!
year in review 16
OTHER FAVORITE SHIRT OTHER FAVORITE SHIRT — that being said, I haven’t seen this shirt since that night. Woops.
Year in review 17
Ahhh…next-gen consoles. They’re part of the reason why I’m so stoked for 2014! DEM GAMES.
year in review 18
Ahahahahaha…ha… =___=. I want to say, though, that these messages are rare and it’s not often I have to deal with this sort of stuff. I APPRECIATE THAT YOU GUYS.
Year in review 19
Again, it doesn’t happen too often that I’m put on blast, but hey, it’s entertaining when I am. ;D
Year in Review 20
I got my dad to wear it. My mom was not pleased.
Year in review 21
True story. I went to Leavenworth that weekend and every single wine tasting event I went to I was carded. u_U;

So, were you pleased with your 2013? It’s already January 2nd — THIS YEAR IS GOING BY SO FAST.

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  1. Where did that missing shirt go?! o.O

    But in all seriousness, Facebook years in review are hilarious. Mine made me realize how absolutely uneventful my 2013 actually was.

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