Dante vs. Link: Challenge Accepted!

My friends from Nerdcore¬†sent me this video of them having a debate over who would win between Link vs. Dante. Now, I am ashamed to admit I never got into the Devil May Cry series but those types of games and I simply do not get along. (My brain doesn’t like remembering combos and fails me every time. To further prove my point, I got my ass kicked whilst playing on the easiest mode of Bayonetta. And God of War. And Ninja Gaiden.)

I’ve always thought Dante was rather sexual, but I’m going to have to go with my main man Link. I’m not quite sure if that’s me just being a fangirl, because, uh, I’ve never seen Link pull of sword maneuvers quite like Dante. But Link always has a way of doing the impossible, thanks to that little piece of gold triangular beauty embedded within him. YEAH DANTE WHERE IS YOUR TRIFORCE OF COURAGE?!!!!


I guess you’d also have to decide if the battle was going to be solely based on swordplay, or if Link can use his items. Maybe Dante wouldn’t be unstoppable if he’s also up against Link’s arsenal. But, uh, I don’t think the slingshot will be of much use. (THAT IS SOUND ADVICE FOR YOU, COSPLAYER ABOVE.)

What do you think?


  1. Have to go with Dante on this one. Just by shear weaponry, Dante would smack link around like a shark grabbing a seal. Even with the Tri-Force, it’s a 404 Error. You’ve found a Dead Link.

  2. Sheer weaponry, I have to agree with Rob…Dante would destroy Link, then riddle his body with bullet holes, blow him up with a rocket launcher then chop the remaining bits to pieces with his swords. Sorry Link, I still love you :) Just have to be honest here. In terms of personality, too, Dante takes the cake. Link is amazing in his own right because of the quests and adventures he’s gone on and the things he’s done, but yeah…this contest is kind of a no contest in my opinion.

  3. This is far too difficult to answer! Devil May Cry is such a badass series – it’s too bad that you never got into it! But I have to admit I suck at memorization and combos in general but I just played the game for the story and not the scores, 3 is the first in the timeline and most definitely my favorite. I played (and replayed) that game to death. But Legend of Zelda is like, my CHILDHOOD! how could another game /ahem/ character defeat it? I just…can’t. D’: If I have to sum it up: Dante is a violent brute but Link is clever. Sometimes being smart allows you to overcome all odds but at the same time being strong and fast is just as beneficial in winning a fight.

    • You suck too? Hmmm. Maybe I can give it a shot! There is hope for the sucky combo memorizing people!

      • They call it button bashing for a reason! (; seriously though I suck, DMC is still one of my favorite series, the news reboot DmC isn’t half bad either. But I’d suggest 3 first!

  4. Yeah I really like link and his games are great and all….but Dante would wreck link….and be stylish about it….then make some cocky smart ass remark when he was finished. If you’ll excuse me I need to go replay the DmC series…

      • LMAO Problem with that Brit; Link is in love with his Princess and would politely decline your offer (the blind fool). Whereas Dante would be more than happy to honor your offer.

  5. Dante Would do to link what Master chief does to grunts then Dante would just for the heck of it finish links work in half the time and effort then bang the princess til the next morning, Devil arms don’t complete quest they save the world.

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