Britt’s Black Friday Shenanigans: Video Games I Didn’t Need

Hey, so, remember that thing that happened…oh, I don’t know…about two weeks ago? It was called Black Friday — yeah, thought that would ring a bell. Well, in any case, you remember it now and that means I can continue on with this blog post!

So per the norm, my friend Erin and I ventured about on Black Friday. I bought lots of things. Lots of things I don’t need, but nonetheless they are things I wanted.

Who am I kidding? These things — I NEEDED ALL OF THEM!!1

::parades around and does a happy dance with all of my new videogames::

Dead Island: I haven’t given Dead Island a fair shake. I mean, it’s a game centered around surviving a zombie apocalypse — which includes surviving against hot zombies in bikinis — and it’s like, I haven’t played enough of this WHY?! Because I didn’t own my own copy, that’s why! But  now that I own a copy of Hot Zombie Island perhaps I can do some awesomesauce co-oping with some of you and bash skulls. This bad boy was $9!

Medal of Honor Warfighter: I’ve always been a Medal of Honor fan — my dad and I have some very fond PS1/GameCube co-op memories stemming from these games. So when the series was “spawned” again in 2010 (daayamn, I can’t believe it was that long ago!) I was all over that ish. While it had its faults, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and story (yes, I’m one of those weirdos who plays even FPS games for the story). For $35, one can’t go wrong! (Or so I hope!)

Darksiders II: Um, yeah, hi. It’s Darksiders. ‘Nuff said. $25!

Dishonored: Um, yeah, hi. It’s Dishonored. ‘Nuff said. HA! But for serious, I’ve heard a LOT of “ZOMG THIS GAME IS SO AMAZING I’M GOING TO PLAY IT AT LEAST TWELVE TIMES!”-esque comments coming from a buttload of you, so naturally my curiosity is piqued. It looks like a lovechild between your mom and Bioshock — SOLD! $25!

Super Paper Mario: Paper Mario is one of my all-time favorite games EVAR. That being said, I never, um, finished it. UGH. I just remember having a lot, a LOT of fun with Paper Mario so when I saw Super Paper Mario being sold for $15 I was like, “What the hell! I’ve already dropped $[censored] today, what’s an additional $15?!!” /broke

And those, ladies and gentlemen, are the video games I bought on Black Friday.

But never fear, for the shopping didn’t stop there! Per the Britt-norm I bought a lot of other unnecessary random stuff that I will share with you shortly.


  1. Dishonored is soooooo much fun. Trying to breeze through the rest of the games I bought on Black Friday so I can get back to it. If I continue right now the rest will collect dust.

    • Hahaha, that’s how I am right now with Enchanted Arms. Well, kind of. Everything else is collecting dust because it’s SUCH a long game.

  2. Seriously dead island gets show much crap but it is SO MUCH FUN! CO-OP and single player, and this is from a chick who HATES CO-OP.

    And…when riptide comes out you can upload your past character with all their:
    -Objects (game loot is random drop)
    – Mods (also random drop, but really nice for killing zombies)

    And you have GotY edition so I think you get Ryder White DLC which is great for the actual story of Dead Island.

    • I KNOW!!! I have an itch to play it. And whenever I say I have an “itch” it makes me feel like I’m saying I have an STD. Am I weird?

  3. I loved playing through dishonored. It is more of the dirty dutch love baby of Bioshock and Assasins Creed. I have plans to Cosplay as the main character Corvo at some point. And I cannot believe you didn’t have Dead Island…are you the real Britt? Good job Britt I think this is a good Black Friday haul, and they don’t take up too much shelf space either!

  4. I would’ve advised against the Warfighter, especially with it being the most expensive of the group.
    But you might enjoy it, so I hope it pans out in your favor.

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