Britt’s Black Friday Shenanigans: Another Thing I Didn’t Need

IT’S A  MOTHERFUCKING SKYWARD SWORD MICRO RASCHEL (whatever that means) THROW! Yes, this is exactly what I needed. It will line the couch that’s underneath my Light World map perfectly.

Hmmm…y’know what? I’m going to open this bad boy and see how it looks.

::scrambles away::

::scrambles back::

…You know, guys…there’s a reason I’m not into interior decorating. I suck at it. Like, it’s something my mom is REALLY good at (as well as cooking and cleaning, two other traits I didn’t inherit, sorry future husband) but I suppose this is my bachelorette pad, and as long as I can live with the hideousness of my “brilliant” decorating ideas that’s all that matters, right?

I mean, the brown kind of goes with the black which kind of goes with the yellow. Which, uh, then goes with the blue in the map. BUT IN MY DEFENSE I have a Zelda “theme” goin’ on in my living room, and that counts as being interior-decorating-savy!

YEAH. Eat that, Martha Stuart. Or whatever famous person decorates homes and shit for a living.



  1. It looks pretty awesome to me. I’m guessing that means I suck at interior decorating as well (though for the record, I’m pretty sure that’s something I don’t want to be good at).

    • LOL. Honestly, after I wrote that I thought to myself, “Wait, she does decorating right? Or is it just cooking? Fuck it, I’m posting it anyway.”

  2. Your heated words would be more fitting if aimed at Christopher Lowell.
    Don’t ask why I know this. It’s just more of that old man senseless info I’ve retained.

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