Britt5091 Origins: I need something handheld to keep me occupied

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I need something handheld to keep me occupied

August 20th, 2009



As much as I would love to go out to eat every day during my lunch break, my wallet can’t afford the local Super Buffet 5 days a week. However money isn’tt an issue with some of my fellow co-workers and they have no problem forking over $15 a day for fried rice and orange chicken goodness.

Sooo what tends to happen is I stay behind and work. My lunch break is only a half hour long, so unless I want to stroll around the parking lot, there isn’tt much time to do anything anyway.

But that’s gonna change, as I have found the cure for my work-aholic tendencies.

A handheld gaming system, of course!

And here comes the classic dilemma. I need to make the corporate decision: Nintendo or Sony?

Actually… I think I already have my mind made up. I’m going with Nintendo. I love RPGs, and other games such as Scribblenauts and Flipnote Studio have really caught my eye.

Yet I’m at another crossroads. Which model? The DS Lite or DSi? The only handheld systems I’ve ever owned were the original Gameboy, Game Gear and the GBA. I understand with the DSi there isn’t a slot to insert your GBA games, however I figure if I ever wanted to play a GBA game I’d just break out the GBA, which hasn’t been done in at least 6 years.

The PSP looks like fun as well, and I have no doubt I would have a blast with it, but meh for whatever reason I feel like I’ve heard more positive things from the DS. Though Dissidia does look like a LOT of fun. And I’m sure I’ll eventually buy a PSP for that reason alone.

So I’m leaning towards the DSi. But I trust your opinions and wanted to see if ya’lll have any suggestions or pointers before I run out and buy one (which probably won’t happen until next week).

Or if you’re really good, you can try to convince me to wait for the PSP Go.

Thanks in advance!!!


Britt’s note:
March 5th, 2012

Okay, I seriously made a post and titled it “I need something handheld to keep me occupied?”

[Insert “Baby, I have something handheld to give you” jokes here.]

I remember writing this post, and I remember being hell-bent on buying that damn DSi. So I bought one. And it DID keep me occupied for, oh, a few months but after that I lost all interest and haven’t picked it up since I bought Spirit Tracks–whiiich I played for 15 or so minutes a few years ago.

But I eventually purchased a PSP3000 and that beast is *now* my handheld of choice. I just went to Vegas this weekend and downloaded Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and THAT kept me occupied for the duration of my flight, and every time I travel via air I always bring that bad boy. I mean, I have Final Fantasy IX, Breath of Fire 3 AND Harvest Moon downloaded onto it. DOES LIFE GET ANY BETTER?!?!?!?

(Also, I did end up purchasing Dissidia buuuut couldn’t get into it.)

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