Britt5091 Origins: Holy crap, son! Time to dust off of my Wii!

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Holy crap, son! Time to dust off of my Wii!

August 10th, 2009

I feel like I’ve been neglecting Nintendo. This brings a tear to my eye. Or maybe it’s the ample amount of dust inhabiting my long forgotten Wii.

I kid, but seriously, where the hell have I been? I could tell you off the top of my head Shadow Complex is releasing next week, WET comes out Sept 15th, ODST a week later, not to mention the handful of games that have been delayed.

But I had no clue the following Wii titles were releasing so soon. How pathetic is that?

Metroid Prime Trilogy (August 24th): Since I have never, ever, played ANY Metroid game before (that is officially Gaming Confession #9) I figure this would be worth picking up.

Cursed Mountain (August 25th): I’ve actually been following this game for a while, just somehow missed the fact that it releases in oh, two weeks. Looks different.

Muramasa (September 8th): Honestly I don’t know too much about this one. I’ve briefly skimmed through the hands-on and watched gameplay footage. It looks beautiful and is holding my interest, a definite rent and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Dead Space Extraction (September 28th): Normally I stay far, far away from anything on-rails (I’m not hating, they’re just not my thing). But damnit I’m a sucker for Dead Space now, and I’m desperately clawing for more story. Sure it’s a railer. But why the hell not.

Granted there were a few more that caught my eye, but the above four are my top Wii picks for September and October.

Some Wii owners have already gotten back into their Nintendo groove due to the releases of The Conduit, Tiger Woods and Wii Sports Resort. The majority says all three are great games, and I’d like to try them out, but I’ve been a lil’ preoccupied with different games for, erm, different systems.

But that’s all gonna change soon.

For the months of August and September anyway. Come October 13 I’m gonna be a very busy woman preoccupied with different games for, erm, different systems.

Are you excited for any upcoming Wii titles? Or are games such as Shadow Complex, Arkham Asylum, ODST, etc going to take priority?


Britt’s note:

January 20th, 2012

HAHAHA. Oh dear. You guys, I never played ANY of those Wii games. NONE.

::headdesk:: Oh well. At least it sounded good.

In fact, I think the only game I played on my Wii since then was NSMB Wii, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Skyward Sword. Yeup.

Aw well.

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