Memory Lane: November 1997

Hey guys!

As you read this, I am tanning myself on a sunny beach somewhere in Puerto Vallarta. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you!

During an attempt to find easy (albeit entertaining) things to post in my absence, I saw a November 1997 issue of Next Generation Magazine. I personally never subscribed, nor read this mag on a monthly basis (it was one of my garage sale finds—surprise!) but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the nostalgic factor almost 15 years later.

So, dear reader, hold my hand as we venture through memory lane.

EGADS! It's the cover!
This is the second page. It's so fun to look at these games that hadn't released yet. Look at that Ocarina of Time screenshot!
Ah, Twisted Metal 2. One of my favey-fave games EVER. <3333

I see that box art...and my nerd panties become wet.
Hey look! The N64 was $149. The Wii is $149. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!
I...I don't remember this.

Now wasn’t that special?

I have literally hundreds of old-school magazines I eventually want to read through. If I come across any awesomesauce pics I’ll definitely post ’em!!

<3 Britt


  1. I remember how stupidly excited I was when I finally got a super nintendo for my birthday. I think I played Super Mario World for an entire year. Still wasn’t as awesome as Super Mario Bros. 3 though.

    Memories <3

  2. Oh Memories. Ahh the N64 I remember when it was next gen now people rarely remember their controlers without rumble packs.
    I think the day I found an expansion rumble pack combined with a memory slot I shat bricks.

    Wait? Nintendo made a controler for the PC? Wtf. When? How? Why was I not informed. O_O

    Even on vacation Britt LoL. Hope you stay around Blogging fora long time to come. Always enjoyable reads.
    Now if you excuse me ima go read up on said PC adaption.

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