Britt and Dad Play: Super Mario 3D World (Part 1)

A new series during which my dad and I play video games. He’s not that great at them, but that’s half (most) of the fun. I’m still working on the whole syncing thing, so if you notice anything weird please let me know! I know my audio sounds a bit echo-y. Suggestions are appreciated!

But for reals, I’m really, really excited for this series. (Hopefully Nintendo won’t pull it, but I’m not monetizing, so, uh, we can haz peace?)

I grew up gaming with my dad, and these videos are soooo much more than just “content” for me. To have actual videos of us gaming together, partaking in the same shenanigans we have been for, shit, 22 years of my life, is just…special. I’m also aware that I’m super fortunate to have a spritely, energetic and healthy dad, so I better capitalize on his ass while I can. wink emoticon



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