One Of Many PAX Prime 2015 Highlights


I originally hesitated posting this, as I’m afraid it’ll come across as a “OMG HUMBLE BRAAAAAAG” type-post, but fuck it, you guys have been with me from the beginning so it’s my hope you can, like, “bask” in this with me.

Anyone who knows me probably knows about my obsession with Earthbound. Hell, it’s my #1 SNES game. I talked about it on panels this weekend, I’ve written about it, made videos about it — just, yeah. It’s a very special game to me and significantly impacted my childhood. Well, after speaking on a panel at PAX this past weekend, I was approached by someone who introduced himself and said “I worked on Earthbound.”

I then remembered that I had spoken with someone (on Twitter) years back who had said he worked on Earthbound, and it all clicked. I instantly began fangirling out, and admitted I was trying NOT to do so, as I gushed about how Earthbound is the way my aunt and I bonded, how it gave me this sense of freedom as an eight-year-old, and how it overall meant so much to me. He was humble and said it made him feel good to hear a game he worked on had such an impact. We had to go our separate ways, but we promised to keep in touch.

I never asked what it was he did exactly, so I just looked him up (I’m not a creeper I swear) and discovered he is responsible for 90% of the English localization of Earthbound.

AND THIS GUY RECOGNIZED ME. Guys. Like, I dunno. It’s just one of those things, where I look back almost 20 years ago at yours truly gaming with Earthbound as an awkward 4th grader, and think, 19 years later the man who was responsible for making me laugh, cry, feel fear — he would casually approach me and be like, “Hey.”


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