BlankShowCast Episode 58 – Pulling the Master Sword Out

I recently joined the BlankShowCast crew for episode 58 of the BlankShowCast! It was amazing. Give ‘er a listen!

As always, let me know if you have a podcast you’d like me to guest on! I would love you forever <3.


Well, after having Boots appear on her n00bketeers podcast a number of times, it was only fitting that the favor was returned, so the crew welcomes ultimate blonde nerd Brittney Brombacher to the show for a quick little stroll in happy land to talk about their favorite games that they’ve played this year.

Other topics discussed include Zelda tattoos, Pokemon, sports preferences, and tacos. It’s pretty awesome.

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If you’d like to hear more of Brittney, you can either follow her on Twitter @Britt5091, check her out at her website,, or on her regular podcasts:

The n00bketeers


We’re Not Dead


  1. I’m gonna comment, because I can!

    Britt, it was a total blast having you on and getting yelled at. I know I give you a lot of grief, but it’s only because you’re one of my favorite people. :)

    Of course, you’re always welcome to join us at anytime whenever you’re free. Muchos, muchos gracias for coming on and being great!

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