BadLipReading: The Walking Dead

Okay, so I had seen this thing circulating around the interwebs aaaaalllll morning but chalked it up to being some fan-made spoof that wasn’t worth watching. But one can only take so much, and after seeing it plastered on Facebook for the umpteenth time I cracked, watched the video and subsequently cracked the FUCK up. (See what I did thar? I put, like, two “cracks” in the same sentence and yeah I’m so witty.)

Seriously, if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead you MUST watch this video — I had never heard of BadLipReading before, but now I am a believer. Or whatever. I probably should swap “believer” to “subscriber”.



  1. Oh my god, I always end up crying from laughter when I watch these. This one had a few classics, but you definitely enjoy it more if you’ve watched the show (seeing how vastly different the tone is from those scenes).

    I still think “La Fway!” when I see Beyonce from one of her appearances in a Bad Lip Reading political video. (Find it and you’ll see what I mean.)

  2. My god. I showed this to my sister and we both laughed our assess off. I needed this after a semester of BS in Nursing.

    On a differnet note, my mom walked over wanting to know what was so funny. We said it was The Walking Dead and she now thinks that the whole show is like this.

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