733 Game Boy Title Screens In One Video

I won’t pretend like I have the time to watch all 2 hours and 42 minutes of this, but I’ve had it playing as my background work music for 23 minutes and 13 seconds and it’s been nothing short of awesome berries with a side of rad cheese. Every now and then I think a chiptune sounds familiar so I take a peek to see if it’s game I’ve played, but it never is. They’re always games I’ve never heard of. Hmmpf.

Ah, fond memories with the Game Boy. And thank Alistair for the Super Game Boy. That thing was (and still is) the bomb.com. IN FACT I’m in Vegas this week and I brought a RetroN 5 with me, a Super Game Boy AND Link’s Awakening. This is how you Vegas, people. (Or maybe it’s just because I’ve been here three times in the past three months and Vegas DOES wear on you.)


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