Now that Wind Waker’s in the bag…

That’s right beetches, after seven long years of scoffing at and avoiding Wind Waker I mother-effin-finished it last weekend. …What? You didn’t even know I was playing Wind Waker? Now I’m scoffing at and avoiding you, reader. You must not follow my game log.

Do you know what I do to people that don’t follow my log? I send the Nue from Breath of Fire III after your ass.

So yeah, I finished Wind Waker and stuffed it away in a random box somewhere. Now I’m ready for my next adventure. I’m ready for something fresh and brand-spankin-new. Something I’ve NEVER played before. Something that will further my…uh seemingly endless gamer-horizon.

…or am I?

Consider this: I have an extensive backlog of untouched games that haunt me in my sleep. They are pissed off that I don’t play them. So wouldn’t it make sense that I would try to plow through those games before I replay the same ‘ol titles for the umpteenth time?  I would get NOWHERE in my backlog.

Well you know how I work. I don’t like to make sense in things. Currently, there are two games I’m yearning for right now (and have been since mid Wind Waker): Dragon Age: Origins and Breath of Fire III. And yes, I’ve completed these games more times than I can count. So why do I want to play them A-G-A-I-N?

It’s still a mystery to me as to why, but Breath of Fire III is the only game I find myself playing at least once a year. It’s especially weird because Breath of Fire III isn’t even my favorite game! It’s up there, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t ever get “cravings” to play Final Fantasy IX or Ocarina of Time. Perhaps it’s the characters. I am a sucker for a group of dynamic characters and get great deal of pleasure out of watching them develop and grow throughout the progression of a story. Or perhaps I simply have a weakness for blue haired dragon’s named Ryu…

Now, wanting to play Dragon Age again is a no brainer. Dragon Age II releases in LESS THAN THREE FUCKING WEEKS and although I know the story like the back of my hand I want a refresher course. I want to vividly remember the character’s names and courses of action I took. I WANT TO REMEMBER HOW THE SUN REFLECTS OFF OF ALISTAIR’S FACE.

And here’s a terrible confession: I haven’t played all of the DLC yet.


…Okay. My decision is made. I will go to Best Buy tonight and purchase Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition. I will play through it and all of its DLC before March 8th.

Balls. Which platform do I get it for? I loved it on PC so much more than 360, but my PC isn’t top notch.

One dilemma leads to another, I tell ya ;)


  1. Britt, if one has a PSP, I wonder, would you be happy if you were able to play Breath of Fire 3 on THAT, and still play Dragon Age on bigger consoles?

    They did a EU/UK only release of BOF3 on PSP, and if you wanted, and agreed, I could send you a copy of it :)…

  2. woah .. ur so hardcore .. lol

    the thought that you probably play more video games than me is scary as I consider myself a pretty badass otaku … ur like … the ultimate boss of all otakus or something!! =P

    anyways, I think you should play through all the DAO DLCs since they add to the story. but more importantly .. have you played Mass Effect 1 + 2? I saw that vlog of yours and you said you were gonna start Mass Effect .. have ya? if you haven’t .. I really urge you to play that. Mass Effect series is just so epic it can’t fail. well, I think ME2 is much better than ME1 but ME1 is required to play before u jump to ME2. tell me what you think after you finish them ya?

    another recommendation from me is … Persona 4 for PS2!! have you played that game yet? if you haven’t .. then YOU. MUST. NOW!! to me, Persona 4 is the greatest RPG I have ever played .. and I started playing RPGs since FF4 the original SNES one so yes, I’ve played quite a lot of them. anyways, Persona 4 has an amazing story and the characters are so well written. I was totally in love with that game that after I finished it .. I went into this empty state as if I just ended a beautiful relationship … very traumatic I tell ya …

    so yeah, if u haven’t played those .. definitely give them a shot. I hope u’ll fall in love with them just as hard as I did =P

    finally: yes, yes .. I confess .. I’ve been following u around for the past few days now .. ur just such a character and I love it (… you =P). anyways, I’ll try to restrain myself from becoming a Britt-addict and fly over to Seattle to stalk you and all that … hehe

  3. dmann: WHAAAAAAAT. Are you for serious? I am totally looking into that.
    Marc: …Yes. Teehee. But I like to look at it as…four copies of awesome.
    yic17: I have played Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. Actually I just finished both of them last month! I’ve heard good things about Persona 4. I might own a copy…somewhere…

    • Yes I am serious Britt. Its a UMD version, (so you will need a model 3000 or lower), but otherwise its a port of the original BOF3 on PSP. It was only released in UK, but the fact UMDs are reigon free makes it all cool :). Also, it has an added pure fishing minigame.

      So, if you really want a copy of it, you can see my email on here I assume? Email me off it and we will talk serious, about a Blue haired dragon called Ryu :)…

  4. hmm .. haven’t read you talking about Mass Effect on blogs or anywhere .. I guess you weren’t that into them eh?

    oh my god .. you HAVE to give Persona 4 a try … that game is truly a rare gem of JRPGs imo … the story and characters are just PERFECT. ever since I played Persona 4, I haven’t played a better game yet … I just keep hoping to see another game that is as amazing. now I’m just waiting desperately for Persona 5 … -_-

    a small warning .. the game starts kind of slow .. it builds the atmosphere and all that. but once you get to the later parts .. it will grab onto your heart and make you emotionally attached to it.

    anyways, I highly recommend it!!

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