Because it’s awesome: Song of Storms on the cello

The Song of Storms is one of my favorite songs from the Zelda franchise (right below Bolero of Fire ) and this is an awesome rendition. It kind of makes me wish I had never quit playing the violin in elementary school. I’ll forever blame my whacky music teacher for not making the lessons interesting enough.

…What? His beard looked like Brussels sprouts. #NeverForget


  1. Learning to play music always sucks at the start. Or at least most people just can’t get passed the beginning slog. It’s boring, repetitive. But if you can pull through, you will never regret it. I can play the guitar, self taught. Another way to learn to play is just go straight for the harder stuff and learn that way. Instead of slow boring and repetitive and far off satisfaction, long, hard and sooner satisfaction. That’s what she said. Here’s another good one.

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