Zelda DLC In Sonic Lost World LOOKS AMAZING

Right now 90’s babies are FREAKING THE FUCK OUT, MAN! Okay, people born in the later years are probably freaking out, too. Aaand fine, everyone born before the 90’s. But isn’t this the coolest damn thing you’ve seen in a while?! (And by “in a while” I mean since the last time you looked at your genitals.) (Yeah, I’m talking to you, you attractive sun’bitch!) 

The Zelda DLC releases tomorrow fo’ FREE. Hyrule Field will be an open area for Sonic to romp around in and collect rupees and such, while the dungeon is apparently pretty straightforward, but oozes with, well, Zelda-ness, as depicted by the video above. It all looks pretty amazing to me. 

I’ve never played Sonic Lost World, but I wonder if it’s worth a pickup just for the Zelda DLC. I’m seriously needing a console Zelda fix, soOoOooO I’m thinkin’ it might help quench a bit of that thirst I’ve had since completing Skyward Sword. Which was, oh, TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO. ;____;

ZeldaZeldaZelda is it E3 YET?!


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